Comparison of Labour OR Material Contracts

There is no exact answer for this question but we would like to list out advantages and disadvantages of both contracts. Based on your circumstances you can choose one. First briefly we will go through what is material and labor contracts

What is Material contract:

In this method, contactor will bring all the materials for your building construction and also contractor will manage all the daily labors work also. You need to have an agreement with him. He will monitor your building work on behalf of you.

  • Pros:
  • Cons:
  • You will not have a chance to choose any workers and all of them will be managed by contractor
  • There is a good chance of using second quality material for construction where ever is possible. This is one of the area all the owners will have major concern with this method. To mitigate this problem one need to have proper quotation from contractor for each item or You can Contact HIndustan Steel Supplier, One Stop Only for Best Quality Building Materials. Shop Online
  • Since it is not his work contractor may not concentrate more on this work. He may do the work with usual attention not with at most care

What is Labor contract:

In this method, you need to bring all the materials for your building construction. Mason will manage only labor. Owner has to supply all the required materials based on the need.

  • Pros:
  • Important point, you will be exposed to various people; you will closely observe different mentalities of people. This experience will give courage to face any other circumstance in your life.
  • Cons:
  • For a period of construction time you will be occupied completely. You will be the point of contact for all the activities.
  • You need to act like a coordinator for all the workers like Mason, centering workers, bar bending workers, plumber, electrician, painter etc.

How to choose

Apart from all these things, this question can be answered based on below major points

  • your availability
  • Your basic knowledge in construction
  • will there be any person who can take care in your obscene during  working day(this point is kept based on working people)
  • Quality of Meastri’s (for all the works) in terms of responsibility/accountability/ideas based on situation/experience.

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