How To Use Moulding Mat

Before Moulding :
Plaster for the sheet gaps: Once centering is completed this activity need to be performed. This will be done to avoid concrete mix leaks.
before keeping steel mat for molding this activity need to be performed. You can observe that in below mentioned picture
Oil for sheets:
Used engine oil will be applied to iron sheets so that at the time of sheet removal it will be easier
In below picture for left side portion sheets oil is not applied but for the right side portion sheets oil is applied.
Sheets with oil
Now a days people are using mats on top of metal sheets.
With this we have two advantages.
  • While pouring cement mixture, cement mix will not go waste because of gaps in between sheets
  • No need of hocking at the time of centering removal.

Points to consider:

  • Spray water before pouring concrete on these mats so that gaps will get reduced.
  • These mats are made up with “Jammu” it will get expanded little bit if you pour water on it
  • Remove these mats immediately after centering sheets are removed. it will be easier to remove when it is wet.
  • other wise you need to spray water and remove them which will be an extra work
Observe below pictures to get clear idea.
Inverted beams:
  •     Usually Inverter beams will come if you are going to construct a wall where there is no beam.
  •     So for example during ground floor molding time you should have first floor plan ready.      
Hooks in the roof:
  • Hooks in the roof will be helpful to hang caddles in hall and bedroom.
  • This will be useful for the families who has infants/children.
Binding extension pillars with rings:
  •     After molding no one should hold pillar rods. If some holds pillar rod and leaves, it will create few small vibations and these vibrations will leave small gaps in pillars.
  •     Check Vibrator is in working condition or not
  •     Usually Meastri’s won’t bring Petrol while bringing Vibrator. So bring petrol beforehand
Concrete ready roof:
Sufficient Meterial:
  •     Owner has to make sure he has sufficient sand, jelly and cement for Molding
  •     For 30*40 Site (Molding area will be around 1000 sft excluding beams)
        bring 100 bags of cement, ~ 700 cft of sand, ~700 cft of 20 mm gravel (20 MM jelly).

  •     Covering Blocks are the most important thing which you need to remember with out fail
  •     Covering Blocks is a flat thin piece of a stone. These stones will be kept below TMT steel rods to avoid contact between sheet centering and steel rod
  •     These stone will keep some gap between molding sheet and steel rod. So that concrete will go in between



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