How to Use Moulding Mat at your Building Site

Moulding Mat

Moulding Mat are used on top of Shuttering Sheets with Plastic sheets. By using these Mat you Receive a Rough surface on the Roof Hence it Doesn't Require Hocking after removal of Centering Sheets & While pouring cement mixture, cement mix will not go waste because of gaps in between Sheets.

Benefits of Moulding Mat :

  • Easy for Plastering
  • Doesn't Require Hocking
  • Easy to Remove Centering Sheets
  • Less RCC Concrete Wastage
  • Saves Money and
  • Speed up Construction Time

How To Use Molding Mat at your Site :

  • Complete Fixing Centering Sheets at your Site.
  • Use 3" Brown Tape to Seal the Gaps in between the Sheets
  • Use Plastic Rolls to Fully Cover the Surface area with Some Sprinkles of Water.
  • Now Use Moulding Mat and Cover the Full Surface Area.
  • Use Concrete Cover Blocks To Raise a High Between the Sheets and TMT, So that the Concrete Can Flow Easily Between It.
  • Start Building TMT Steel and Tie Them with Binding Wire.
  • Now You Could Use Cement for Concrete.

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