• Where ever there is a pillar and wall joint, fix mesh for those joints so that plastering will not give cracks.This activity need to be completed before start of plastering. Same point applies for beams also.
  •  please look at the outside plastering of a house. You can see the plastering design marks
  • Avoid making food inside new house when plastring is not over to roof, because this will cause smoke to get accumulated to the roof. If plastering was done with out cleaning smoke properly, after few days plasering cement layer will get detached from roof. Then plastering layer will give cracks and roof plastring will fall down.
  • Measri’s has to complete window edges and wall edges at a time. If they complete plasering in different time frames it will give cracks for plastering
  • Before starting plastering work mason will build a pedestal with wood sticks.

Close water lines before plastering. So that cement will not go inside the pipes

Manos are removing the sticks and closing the holes in wall


covered the working area with tarpaulin

other photos:




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