What can you Build with Ramco Hicem Boards

Ramco Hilux Boards

Hilux Calcium Silicate Board is made of calcareous and siliceous materials, reinforced with fibres. It is cured under high steam pressure and temperature to provide a stable, strong crystalline structure.

Hilux Calcium Silicate Board is a top-notch, contemporary building material manufactured in Ramco’s two state-of–art plants in the country using the revolutionary HSPC technology, ensuring quality, durability and consistency.

That’s why Hilux is a preferred material among the discerning architect and interior fraternity, and with a wide spectrum of end-users as well. 



Ramco Hicem Cement Fibre Boards
Ramco Hicem Flexo effectively outperforms existing building materials on all important performance parameters, including flexural strength, impact strengths and durability. Hicem Flexo boards are strong, non-combustible, water-resistant and are not affected by pests and termites.

Hicem Flexo Board is manufactured using cement, cellulose fibres with performance enhancing special additives. Hicem Flexo boards are made as per IS:14862-2000 standard in a lamination process and then autoclaved to give a stable crystalline structure.

The resultant crystalline structure makes the board durable and dimensionally stable even in adverse environments. Further, Hicem Flexo boards come with good acoustic and thermal insulation properties to meet various end applications.
The surface of the board can be easily decorated with most varieties of paints, wall papers, laminates, veneers and ceramic tiles. These boards are compatible with common building materials, including galvanised steel and anodised aluminium.



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