Steel Pipes


    Manufacturing Process

    Steel Pipes & Tubes are Manufactured by High Frequency Induction Welding Process from Hot Rolled / Cold Rolled Steel Coils Produced at the Steel Plants. The Raw Materials to Manufacture Steel Pipes and Tubes arre Procured in Wide Coils Form, Which are Tested for Chemical and Mechanical Properties. After Testing of Coils, subject to Quality Acceptance, These Wide Coils are Slitting line to the Desired Narrow Width Roughly Equal to the Perimeter of the Steel Pipes and Tubes Sizes.

    The Narrow Coils Passes Though a Sequence of Pre Aligned Forming and Fin Rolls of High Profile Hardened and Tempered Top and Bottom Rolls. The Strips Gradually Attains the Circular Shape in Various Stages, Which will Be Getting Welding by High Frequency Induction Welding. These No Extra Pillar Materials used for Welding.

    The Outside Bead is Trimmed off with a Tungsten Carbide Tool in all Cases The Welded Pipes Passes Through a Coolant Chamber and Sized by the Sequence of Rolls Though Sizing Stands.

    The Pipes will be Cut off Automatically in Flying Cold Saw Machine as per the Set Length. This Pipes and Tubes are Transferred for Quality Inspections and Testing Like Hydro Testing Machines, Universal Testing Machine for Testing Quality of Welding and Finally these Products are Bundled for Dispatch / Storage.

    Testing and Quality Control Facilities

    Steel Pipes and Tubes Products are Tested in Accordance with the Indian Standard Specification No. IS:1239, IS:3074, IS:1161, IS:4923,
    IS:9295. The Tests are Comprised of Chemical Analysis of the Product, Determination of Tensile Strength Etc.

    During Production, Online Eddy Current Testing and Visual Inspection is Carried out for Surface Defects, Dimensional Accuracy, Straightness and Twist, Length. At Regular Intervals, Sample Prices are Taken as per Specification to Carry out Following Tests

    • Thickness
    • Dimension
    • Weight
    • Tensile Test
    • Bend Test
    • Flattening Test
    • Crushing Test
    • Drift Expansion Test

    Individual Pipes are Finally Taken for Hydra Testing, Visually Inspected for the Parameter Specified in the Specification before Dispatching.

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